Product Care

All our Leather handbags and Wool Fedoras are made from 100% Natural Materials which makes them unique and special items that need to be cared for and looked after accordingly. Both items will transform slightly over time through use and wear

Leather Handbags

The first thing to note is that being made of genuine leather your handbag might come with a few natural marks and imperfections, this is very much a part of what makes your bag one-of-a-kind. Secondly, this natural material will alter and most likely soften over time. Take care not to overload your bag as this will cause the leather to change, stretch and stress less naturally.  Gently clean your bag using a damp cloth

Wool Fedoras

Our Wool Fedoras are also created using a natural material and might also bear a few natural marks and imperfections. If your hat brim has perhaps misshapen for any reason, it can be easily flattened and evened out by placing a heavier, flat object (like a book) on and around the brim itself


Most of our jewels are gold-plated and require care to ensure they don't tarnish or lose their plating. Please remove items before swimming, showering or exercising. Avoid all contact with liquids and perfumed items