As a brand with a small voice and hand in Fashion, in a world plagued by "Fast" consumerism, we have become super interested in and dedicated to implementing sustainability in every (small, and hopefully eventually big) way we can!

It will always be a work in progress, but our aim is to encourage and incite more "conscious consumerism" within our XO Babes....

  • Starting with the Design process we like to create pieces that are super versatile. Specifically, in a way that a garment's "life" is extended through multiple styling of a piece. Many of our garments can be worn or tied many ways for many different looks
  • We aim for our pieces to be worn with many different existing items our customers may already have in their wardrobe. Our styling videos and images aim to inspire our babes to have fun styling their XO pieces lots of ways to get the most wear out of them
  • We design all clothing pieces ourselves and produce them in a local Durban factory in an effort to support other local business and employment
  • In our effort to reduce packaging waste, both our jewellery and clothing come in reusable cotton bags
  • We do not offer overnight/express shipping to reduce our carbon footprint related to transport